• Cancun Weddings & Honeymoons

    Cancun weddings and honeymoons

    The perception of the perfect wedding differs wildly from person to person, but if there is one place that has all the bases covered, it’s Cancun, Mexico.

    Cancun is no longer the temporary extension of America’s eponymous ‘Spring Break’. The city and surrounding areas of the Riviera Maya and Tulum are awash with everything you could possibly need for the ideal big day.

    The coast is a tropical island paradise, on the mainland. The turquoise-blue Caribbean Sea laps against a coastline of dazzling white and powdery beaches. Your resort will set up a decorated arch, altar, chairs and anything else you request for your Cancun wedding right on the sand.

    Before you begin taking those vows, let someone massage out any last-minute jitters. Pre-wedding spa therapy can be arranged by most hotels on the Riviera, and there are some stunning spas to choose from.

    For your ceremony, nowhere could be more romantic. Palm trees towering over the congregation, tropical sea breezes catching your hair, the sun reflected in undulating waves like a sea of tiny diamonds. You stand on a perfect beach, on a perfect day, just as countless others have stood before you as far back as the Mayan civilisations.

    It’s an area rich in history and culture, and this is reflected in the style of ceremony and decoration one can expect.

    On to the reception and Cancun again has it all to offer, whether a grand hall or a beach marquis. And of course if it’s a party you’re after, of course the city of Cancun still retains the showy hedonism it’s been known for.

    And when you finally sneak away to enjoy your first night as a married couple – you can expect the works from your hotel. Nearer the city of Cancun you might find resorts are louder, more in keeping with its former image. But a little further away and you’ll be surprised at the secluded bliss on offer. Tropical sunsets, champagne on ice, your suite adorned with rose petals, practically any fancy you may wish to indulge. It is completely catered for.

    And finally your honeymoon can lead you to world’s most pristine paradises. Travel through Central America, explore the Mayan ruins nearby, or just sail to a Caribbean island and kick back. The choice is entirely yours.

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